Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce this month's 'meet a gooner' for October, Graeme Kellerman.

1. When and why did you start supporting Arsenal FC?:

I've been a supporter since 1996.

2. Who would be your all-time favourite Arsenal player?:

Dennis Bergkamp.

3. Who is your current favourite player?:

Hector Bellerin.

4. What is your favourite memory of Arsenal?:

Winning the FA Cup in 2015. We were not having a great season but managed to win the FA Cup against Chelsea who were on top of their game 2-1.

5. What are your predictions for this season?:

It is going to be a difficult year for us but I have faith in our new manager and I think we will finish in the top four again to make a stronger side for next season, we had two big side to start the premier league this year I thought we did well and a few changes to our defense and to let the team settle in to the new format of play which I think we can do.

6. What are your thoughts on the Arsenal Cape Town supporters club?:

I think it is awesome and well done to the committee for running it, I was around a lot in the begin when I stayed in the southern suburbs and did not work a lot over the weekends. As for now I see a lot of picture on facebook with the supports having fun one day I will make my return to join the guys and gals .

7. How did you find out about the supporters club?:

I was introduced to the club by a friend Grant Peters

8. Tell us a bit about yourself (outside of Football and Arsenal):

I enjoy been with friends and family most of all watching game of Football (Arsenal games), I don’t play football but use to play hockey so now I watch sport. Football rugby well I enjoy sports. I enjoy listening to music and braaing enjoying life as it comes. I enjoy going away and relaxing with friends or family may it be camping or in a guest house,. I am a technician in the food and laundry industry.