Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce this month's 'meet a gooner' for September, Alan Radmall.

1. When and why did you start supporting Arsenal FC?:

My family lived close to the ground in London when I was a kid. My Dad started taking me to all home games when I was about 5 years old. My Dad’s side of the family were Arsenal through and through. My Mum’s side of the family were Spurs supporters. The rivalry was fierce. Spurs were never mentioned in our home – and we still hate losing to them. But they have never won much and never will.

2. Who would be your all-time favourite Arsenal player?:

My all-time favorite player(s) are Henry, Berkamp and Giroud.

3. Who is your current favourite player?:

It’s hard to say at the moment due to the many new players coming in and some favorites going out. But I am a great Bellerin fan. He has not missed a game all season, he is exciting with the ball, he never quits and always gives 100% each game. I think he is really underrated.

4. What is your favourite memory of Arsenal?:

The first as a kid seeing Charlie George’s fantastic goal at Wembley to win us the double in 1971 I think. The statue of his celebrations you can see as a statue outside the ground. The second, Thomas’s goal at Liverpool in extra time to decide the League title between Arsenal and Liverpool in 1999 – if I remember the date. But the Giroud back heel kick to beat Crystal Palace in 2017 really takes some beating for me. But the best memory is the Henry goal against Man U in 2000. A masterpiece.

5. What are your predictions for this season?

We have always been know for our star players. The stars that stand out and we love to watch for excitement and success at Arsenal. Like Henry, Bergkamp, Sanchez, Van Persie, Giroud and many more - I don’t yet see a star player yet in our current squad.

6. What are your thoughts on the Arsenal Cape Town supporters club?:

I think they look a great bunch of people on Facebook – and also do some good at community level. Classy just like the club. I live in Melkbosstrand – otherwise I would be at every game with them. But I like a beer with my football – so driving so far is a problem.

7. How did you find out about the supporters club?:

Through Facebook. I follow them now.

8. Tell us a bit about yourself (outside of Football and Arsenal):

I have two grown kid’s, a grandson and a granddaughter. We are an Arsenal Family. My son recently moved to New Zealand and I’m on a family visit here now. The Arsenal games are on in the middle of the night. I woke up to watch the Madrid game – and was sick at their late equalizer. I just watched Man U and again last night sick about their late winner.

We moved to SA about 30 years ago – and we travel extensively – but we have never found a better place than Cape Town. We love the City and the special people.

I try to get to Emirates at least for one a special game of the season.

I am proud to be an Arsenal supporter. I wear a tattoo. It is in my blood. My Dad was buried with an Arsenal Shirt beside him in in his coffin and I will be too. We don’t choose our club – we are born into it just like religion.

Pictured below is Alan and his son at the Emirates stadium.