A Point To Prove

I was expecting a good game, but not one as intense as that. Both teams went into that fixture with the intent of winning, but at the end of the day they both came out with the same result. I was real nervous for this game to be honest, but as kick off drew closer I grew more and more excited, especially after I saw the team Emery was putting out on the day.

A Point at Palace

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling a sense of excitement, but also a slight sense of nervousness. Arsenal were fast approaching a club record for most consecutive wins and as we got nearer, I was more on edge. I wasn’t feeling too confident about the game to be completely honest, but I was praying that the Gunners would put my doubts to bed once again, as they’ve done for the last 11 games.

Number 10 Strikes Again

Monday night games are the worst. Waiting an entire weekend to see your team play is not fun. However, these games do give you the chance to enjoy your weekend fully, and there’s no chance of it being f**ked up should your team lose. The Arsenal of old may have caused us a salty weekend, but these days that’s not the case, as all Arsenal fans love witnessing the change that Emery’s brought to the team.

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