Robbed At Old Trafford

Old Trafford has always been a difficult place for Arsenal to travel to in the league, as we’ve seen for the last 11 years. Our last win there was in September 2006, when Arsenal won 1-0 thanks to Adebayor. So naturally, we as Arsenal fans have feared travelling up North because history tells us that we’ll struggle.

North London Is Red!

What a wonderful morning and start to the week! I mean, after yesterdays triumphant win over Tottenham, Arsenal fans all over the world are absolutely buzzing and deserve the bragging rights , once again. I myself couldn’t help but wake up with a wide smile, knowing that there are Sp*rs fans out there who woke up salty as f**k.

Back To Winning Ways

The international break had finally ended and once again it was time to watch our beloved Arsenal play once more. Thank God that was the last interlull for the year, as we head into a very busy end-of-year fixture list for Premier League clubs. First up on the list was Bournemouth, a side who beat us in this fixture last season for the very first time ever.

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